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Everyone loves good boots!! Am I right?

Boots and having the proper footwear for style and comfort have been an issue of mine since I was younger and went on to become my passion over the years. I had purchased numerous products for my feet that didn’t work.

Being a kid from Canada and not growing up with much. Not having the footwear that was not reliable and wouldn’t last to any outdoor activities. As I became older, style as well.

Now I want to give back, Blundstones are the utmost comfiest boot my family has ever worn. They are stylish too! The kid’s Boots are called “Blunnies ” (How cute).

Over the years I had learned that there is something out there for comfort, style, durability and will last to all conditions.

I want to offer these problems to all families that have boot troubles even with the little ones. There is something out there for everyone, my daughter who has major footwear issues finally found boots that she doesn’t fight about putting on.

She loves them and I must say that they look cute as hell.

I look around when I’m out and the kids who have them on look cute and so adorable.

Let me help you in your boot journey and guide you through to getting the right ones for you and your little ones.

It doesn’t have to be hard and we only live one life so let’s go for it.

A boot journey to comfort

Growing up in Canada since I could remember, I never liked that fact of putting on boots for the changing weather conditions. In Canada, there is rain and snow about 7 months out of the year.

Winters are harsh and summers are beautiful we needed the right footwear at the right time.

When it came time to do the transition from sneakers to boots I dreaded. Unfortunately gave my parents a hard time.

Year after year it was the same old story and when it came a time I rebelled.

In my teen years was roughly the same but now I was looking for style, to go jr high and high school that would spark up a positive conversation instead of being made fun of. As you all know the public school system can be tough and you just want to be accepted.

It wasn’t until I was an adult until I found the perfect boot for style, comfort, durability and that will last.

The quality is unmatched. The boots will last a lifetime.

I later went on to have three little ones that are now in the school system and that pretty much went through the same process as me, fighting in the mornings and before leaving the house every time saying that it doesn’t feel good until we introduced them to what I found in the boot market.

Blundstone Boots are engineered to perfection and still maintain quality year after year.


Comfort leads to happiness

On my website,  I think you’ll find what you looking for.

My goal is to make you feel better about yourself also have the right boot for you whether its every day or working. There is something out there, and I want to solve the problem for everyone.

If you go up to a Blundstone owner and ask them if they like there boots. I will guarantee they will say” they love them for there comfort and style and that they will last forever.”

10 years later and the same pair of boots are wore by a friend ” the best boots ever” she said

If you happen to want some you’ll be directed to Amazon, everyone knows them to order you pair or even just browse around the site.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Come check out a post on the benefits of quality boots. I think you’ll be surprised.

Benefits of wearing quality boots